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Judy Arnall

Judy is mother to four children: Christopher (8) , Marlin (7) , Heidi (5) , and Travis (2) . She has a bachelor of arts degree specialising in sociology, is working towards the Canadian Certification of Family Life Educators (CCFE), and is employed by several agencies to give workshops, presentations, and lead groups about various parenting topics.

Judy's biggest challenge was learning to cope with three children under three, all in diapers. She was delighted when the boys became interested in the toilet!

Judy's first priority is nurturing her family. Her second priority is promoting the concept of Attachment Parenting. She is co-founder and organiser of The Whole Family Attachment Parenting Association, a non-profit support group which holds family meetings for discussion, support, activism and information.

Judy enjoys spreading the word about Attachment Parenting by speaking at parenting and family trade shows, non-profit parent groups and the general public. It is her dream that Attachment Parenting will become accepted as the normal approach.

Judy enjoys writing articles which promote Attachment Parenting and which increase public awareness of laws and policies detrimental to childrens' health and well-being. Her articles have been published in The Calgary Herald, The Calgary Sun, Alberta Parent Quarterly Magazine, B.C. Parent Quarterly, Calgary's Child Magazine, Parents And Children Together News, Homebase Magazine and Kids First magazine.

Judy actively lobbies the Federal Government by correspondence and through petitions. She volunteers as an active member of Kids First, the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and the Repeal 43 Committee (Section 43 allows parents to use reasonable force in punishing children).

Judy is past-Vice President of Parents and Children Together Association of Calgary, a 500-member organization which facilitates parent education and unstructured play for children from birth to age 5. PACT operates programs at 10 Calgary locations.

Judy has also been a telephone volunteer on the Calgary crisis line for 13 years.

For fun, Judy is an avid reader, camper, winemaker, skater and Toastmaster.

Judy welcomes enquiries for workshops and speaking engagements on numerous parenting topics, which include self-esteem, discipline, child development, unstructured play, sibling rivalry, conflict resolution, breast-feeding, homeschooling, unschooling, and communication skills.

Articles Published: