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Three in a Bed, Why you should sleep with your baby
By Deborah Jackson
Bloomsbury Publishing

Review by Caroline Long, December 1996

It's a U.K. publication that provides a very comprehensive examination of co-sleeping. The author looks at the implications for breastfeeding success, the current state of crisis in parenting/sleep, the safety aspects of co-sleeping, the question of sexuality, and the history of infant sleeping norms. She also provides excellent discussion of the practicalities of co-sleeping AND a section on how to answer common criticisms.

The chapter on safety alone is worth reading for anyone wishing to make an informed decision about whether to take a baby into bed. The breastfeeding chapter -- entitled The Midnight Feast(!!) -- is also a sanity-saver for any parent, co-sleeping or not, who is tired of the presumption that babies should sleep "through".

The author refers to Tine Thevenin's The Family Bed and while the two books are similar in their passion, they are very much complementary.

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